You’ve invested a ton of money and time into your website design and now you’re ready to sit back and watch it drive business to your company.  You might want to rethink that approach. Your website isn’t a static product. Keeping your website fresh and updated is an ongoing process and critical to your website and company’s long term success.

Your website needs to be flexible and reflect the internal changes in your business and the external business climate.  In addition, search engines are continually looking for new fresh content on website. In fact, it’s used as a factor in determining where your website appears in search rankings.

You may want to use a basic website wellness checklist to periodically evaluate its overall performance. You’ll need to set up Google Analytics or another website analytics platform to measure key parameters and make adjustments to optimize performance. Since your website was completed, you may have added or deleted products or services, changed your personnel, or changed email addresses.   But beyond these changes to your business, you also need to keep track of how your website is doing. Make adjustments accordingly to optimize performance.

Basic Website Wellness Checklist:

Company Information:

  • Have you updated your product and service options?
  • Is personnel information accurate, including contact names and email addresses?
  • Have you received any awards, recognition, accreditations that should be added?
  • Do you have any new video, customer testimonials, or photos to enhance the website?

Website Design:

  • Do the content and graphics still look fresh and interesting? Is branding clear, including message, logo, colors and photos?
  • How does your website stack up against your key competitors?
  • Does everything work on your website? Check on all your navigation menus, buttons, social media connections, online forms, and links.
  • Can you move quickly through your site or does it get bogged down loading certain elements?
  • Is your site responsive to mobile phone users?


Study your search rankings and use website analytics to measure and compare website traffic measurements such as page views, conversions, and bounce rates.

  • Are you reaching your conversion goals?
  • Is your call to action working?
  • What is your search ranking on important keywords? How does this compare to your competition?
  • Are you using strong keywords in your blog post titles, headings and content?

These items should be examined on a regular basis.  Remember that ignoring website is almost as bad as having a stack of old brochures with outdated information.  And it’s certainly much easier to update and change a website than to constantly reprint brochures.

If you need help with your website maintenance or need to boost its performance, The Price Group is happy to help!  We can perform wellness checks so your website performs optimally and continues to drive traffic to your business.  That lets you focus on other critical aspects to ensure your company’s success! We can be reached at 630.717.8332 or at