If you haven’t caught the latest buzz, it’s all about The Secret. I believe this is going to be BIG. A friend recommended it to me last month, so I picked up a copy of the DVD. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about manifesting your goals through the universal Law of Attraction. Summed up in a few words, it says what we think about is what we attract. Think good things, good things come. Think negative, and you’ll get more of the same. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that. But what I want to highlight is not the content of The Secret, but rather the marketing secrets that will make it such a smashing success. We can apply some of these same techniques to our own business.

1.The Name: The title could have been “The Law of Attraction” or “How to Get What You Desire”. But the chosen title is short and sweet, provocative, and powerful. There are entire books written about power words, and this is one of them. Other power words include New, Sale, Free, Powerful, and Innovative. You get the idea. Use them in your marketing titles or headlines to attract attention.

2.The Benefit: The appeal of this piece is purely emotional. Who wouldn’t want to have their every desire fulfilled? From health and wealth to happiness, The Secret promises to meet those needs. Most often an emotional appeal will outperform a logical one. What emotional need or want is your product or service fulfilling?

3.It’s Easy: Because The Secret focuses on our thoughts, the change can be instantaneous. No prolonged effort required. Just change your thought patterns and focus. No investment of time or money required. How easy is that! Can you make your product or service easier to use? When we make life easier for our prospects or simplify their lives, sales go up.

4.Expert Testimony: The Secret has called in some of the foremost experts in the fields of quantum physics, metaphysics, success coaching, and spiritual guidance. Odds are good that you’ve heard of at least one of the speakers in the program. That builds instant credibility. The effect is magnified when you consider that it’s far more powerful when many experts make a claim versus just one. Is there an expert in your field that can create a testimonial for your business?

5.Multiple Stakeholders: Another benefit of having multiple participants is that it creates leverage. If you work solo you can only generate a finite amount of sales momentum. After all, you’re just one person. Having multiple stakeholders means that each of these players can leverage their networks and sales contacts to create even more momentum. Can you “partner” with a synergistic business for added momentum and access to a larger network?

6.Believe It: The speakers clearly believe in what they’re promoting. There’s passion in their words. And passion is contagious. The presenters noted how they continually apply the secret. Are you passionate enough about your product to use it yourself and to shamelessly tout its benefits?

7.Stories: Storytelling is perhaps THE most compelling form of communication. People are captivated and can be motivated through the use of great storytelling. In The Secret, the presenters share numerous success stories. It’s proof that the concept works. What story can you share that proves your product or service really works?

There are many more reasons why the success of The Secret will continue to grow. And, there are many more examples of successful marketing campaigns out there. My challenge to you is to keep your eyes open for successful marketing campaigns, whether it’s in your own field or a totally unrelated industry. And, adapt those elements that make sense for your business.