We’re pleased to announce that The Price Group, Inc is now a Google Partner! A select group of marketing companies, agencies, professionals and online experts are certified by Google to manage Pay-Per-Click AdWords campaigns. Google Partners are recognized for excellence, proficiency and experience with Google’s services and best practices.

Just like many other industries, online advertising has its share of experts. It seems like everywhere you turn these days, you see individuals and companies claiming to be online marketing experts. But think about it. When you’re looking for someone to manage your finances or tax return, you’d look for a Certified Financial Planner or a Certified Public Accountant, right? In turn, it makes good business sense to seek out and hire certified professionals to manage your online advertising campaigns.

Google offers one of the most recognized certification programs in the online industry, and becoming a Google Partner is no easy task. Companies must earn the Google Partner Badge which signifies the company is healthy, has managed a certain level and type of campaigns over a period of time, and demonstrates Google best practices. In-depth certification tests must be passed and re-certification is required as often as every year. In addition, companies must comply with rigorous standards on an ongoing basis to maintain their Partner status.

At The Price Group, we are committed to providing our clients the highest level of service with the most cost effective solutions. Now that we’re backed by one of the industry’s biggest online experts, we’re excited for the new opportunities this partnership provides our clients!

If you need help with pay-per-click advertising, The Price Group, Inc. is a certified Google Partner with years of Adwords experience. We can be reached at 630.717.8332 or at info@thepricegroup.biz.

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