Given that this is Women’s History Month, we decided to ask the head of the company, Pat Price, a few questions about her role models.  Here’s what she shared.

Q: Who is one of your career role models and why did you pick her?
A: A lot of people may not know that my undergrad was in computer science. There was an incredibly inspiring woman who came to speak to us on campus.  Her name was Capt. Grace Hopper. I’ll never forget her.  She was an older woman, a tiny thing, but a spitfire!  She had us captivated with her stories of the early days of computing.  She was quite the trailblazer at a time when it wasn’t all that common for women to be in the field. I believe by the time she retired she achieved the rank of Admiral. Quite remarkable for a woman back then.

Q: Who else would you consider a role model?
A: When it comes to everything else, I’d have to say my mom. My dad passed a few years back, but she still lives in the family home.  She’s so independent and nothing holds her down.  I don’t know if she’d appreciate me sharing her age, so let’s just say she’s in her mid ‘80s. She still drives and is rarely home between running errands and visiting with friends. I think just about everyone in my hometown knows her, too.  She’s a wonderful, kind, giving person who tries to make everyone feel special.  I can only hope to be like her.

Q: How do your experiences translate into your business dealings?
A: For one thing, our employees are all women.  I’m not sure how that happened, but it sure has worked out great. This team is so amazing. They all genuinely care about our customers and the business. They treat it like their own. That’s something you can’t teach –  it’s just a part of you.

Q: Any last words of wisdom?
A: The last thing I’d offer is to try to be that role model to the next generation!