Oftentimes our company is called on to help clients purchase promotional items for a variety of purposes.  Some people know exactly what they want while others are not so sure.  Regardless of which camp you’re in, it’s important to first know WHAT IS THE PURPOSE of the item.

Consider the two biggest categories of marketing purposes for promotional items.  (Notice I mention marketing purposes?  Why else would you be purchasing them unless you’re using them to help generate more business?)  Those main categories are:

  • Perhaps one of the most common reasons for purchasing a promotional item, giveaways are a standard fare at events and trade shows.  For companies exhibiting at a show, it seems these are a must-have.  Their main marketing purpose is to build awareness for your company.  And hopefully whatever item you select, it’s something that will be kept for some time (rather than pitched the minute your prospect starts packing for the trip home). You’re casting a wide net with a giveaway, hoping that some will stick. We are firm believers in giveaways IF YOUR GOAL IS TO BUILD AWARENESS. But are giveaways truly a must-have?  That same budget could possibly be used for a different purpose with better results.
  • Let’s take the concept of a giveaway but add some marketing strategy to it.  With some forethought, you could conceivably create a powerful campaign by targeting the specific individuals that you want to connect with at your trade show.  With that list, you could correspond with them before the show, enticing them to stop by your booth for a special gift.  This item would be something that only those few, select would receive, instead of everyone stopping by your booth.  With fewer items needed, your budget per targeted prospect could be much higher, allowing for something truly special to give to them.  With a campaign, our marketing purpose is to connect with specific targeted prospects to initiate a sales conversation.

There are many companies out there that can help you with branded giveaways.  And quite frankly, if you need a pen, we can do that too.  But if you want your budget to get real marketing results, consider us for help with strategizing your next campaign. This begs the question “What unique ways are you using to initiate your sales conversation?”  If you can’t answer this question, you may want to give us a call!