Does your business need a little freshening up? Here are a few suggestions to give your brand a boost.

1. It’s crucial to update your business’ brand. Does your logo need to be updated? Is it still reminiscent of 2008? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you stay fresh and relevant.

2. Consider Updating your swag and branded merchandise to boost awareness this summer! Imagine someone asking you to volunteer at a church event, summer bash, or youth sporting event. Why not seize this opportunity to promote your business with branded ballcaps or frisbees?

3. With more in-person events, how about an update to your printed marketing materials? When promoting your business, you should always have a few staples in your marketing pantry, such as flyers and business cards.

4. Is your SEO up to snuff? How about a website tune-up? Let us research the best keywords for 2024 and your industry so you are on the leaderboard.

5. How’s your pitching? No, we don’t mean baseball unless you are a Cubs fan, and you want to give a shout out to Shota Imanaga. We digress. If you’re pitching for the next deal, we’d like to help you create an effective digital and print presentation.

Book a call with us and learn more about how we can help build your brand today! (And Go, Cubs, Go!)